Magnesium Massage

What the heck is a magnesium massage?

The client can choose between and sports or classic massage, but we use a unique magnesium-infused massage cream. Beyond the traditional benefits of muscle relaxation, our magnesium massage aims to reduce cramps, promote a sense of calm, and provide holistic replenishment for your body after a day on the slopes.

Tell me more about the oil

MgCl2 (being the only magnesium completely ionized) possesses an electric charge, ensuring that the oil is fully assimilated by the body and effectively supplies muscles with energy and oxygen. Magnesium oil works at the cellular level meaning the skin absorbs the necessary magnesium ions required by the body, eliminating the risk of over-consumption. Patients tend to report quicker recovery and feeling rejuvenated.


This massage is not recommended for people who have magnesium allergies or open wounds.

Please note: All our massages are conducted by qualified therapists to ensure that you are in expert hands.

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